Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bidan Terjun for Aish’s Wedding Prep

It was quite late at night when aish, Oja & Bae discuss about going back to Aish home at N9. Late means almost 12 midnite. Since being employed by HSBC, odd working hours is a norm. Memang it upon waktu kejer nye. Oja had sumthing else to settle, Aish gave blur looking faces. Wonder how to settle her errands as her wedding would just be during the weekendssssss. Haiya, Aish = synonym with the cool mode @ sesangat relax. Problem is, if i got to follow her back to N9, i got nothing to wear for work tomorrow. Tak sempat kalo esok baru nak balik umah then baru nak gi kejer.

Since Aish really needed another helping hand, and my house was just at Setiawangsa, its bout less than 20 minute from Masjid Jamek to go there. So here we, rushing picking up cloth for tomorrow, then shoot directly to N9. While there, Bae & me helps Aish preparing for her hantaran. At first, i thought it was just few more things to settle up, BUT it was Thursday & Aish has yet start anything for her wedding hantaran. Mmg sgt KOOL. Her wedding hari AHAD tu ok. We manage to help preparing few hantarans. Kul brp ntah tertido, but Aish berjaga sampai pagi.... hehehe

Coklat ala2 jongkong emas in a Treasure Box
Cincin being kept in the Treasure Box too
Finally.... hasil2 nye
Bae & me siap2 nak pegi kerja on the next day
I was only weigh 40kg at that time
Bae still capturing the hantarans, while sape ntah snap gambar dr blkg ni
At last, on the 24th November 2007, Aish gave her very best pose on the BiG DaY!!!
Congrates Aish!!!!

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