Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bukit Larut wif Love

Credit to the bf for taking these pictures. Sangat cantik & romantic. He~ he~ he~. We went to Taiping. We actually plan to visit the Zoo Taiping Night Safari. But since it’s raining on the evening, the plan had to be cancelled. Luckily we did visit Bukit Larut that morning. At least our ‘date’ filled up with meaningful activities rather than we both had to watch each other faces :p. There were houses can be rent on top of the Maxwell Hill at Bukit Larut. The weather was very nice. All green gives very pleasant and peaceful view. Breath to the maximum you can as you will take in the freshest oxygen..... Good for brain.

Stairs to Lil Cafe

Ape aku merepek ni. On top of the hill, ade one stop which you can sit down (dating) and drink coffee/tea while watching the great scenery. But I think, the place has not been well-maintained. When we like to order food/drink on the menu, they said they got to check back what they have in their kitchen. Aik... so i just gave them a random question. What do you have, bring it for us. Caused we are both sooooooooo hungry. There we spend about two hours on top of the hill, dating, amik gambar and laugh onto each other. Nasib la ade ngkau boyfren, kalo tidak – boring giler.

Question: will you come back to Bukit Larut?

Answer: No

Question: will you suggest other people to visit Bukit Larut.
Answer: YES!!!!!! So other people can experience what we had experienced. Hahahahahahaha~~~
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