Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pissed Off!!!!!!

Seorang student telah membuatkan aku bengang tahap maksima. Walaupon dah selalu tension, tension yang adalah sangat tidak berbaloi. Tp nak wat cemane, aku tensen jugak tahap rase nak lempang budak.

The student enter the office and looked onto the notice board for the remarking result. A colleague called me and told that the student want an explaination.

Budak > How come the result is maintained?
Me > The result is final. It had been endorsed by the committee.
He looked down at me sbb aku pendek. When he opened his mouth again, he started raising his voice.

Budak > I scored 28/40 for my coursework. How come I couldn't pass the paper?
Me > That should be my line. How come you couldn't at least get 12 marks from your final exam??
The student paused for a while before arguing bout something else.

Bangang nyer budak. End!
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