Monday, 24 October 2011

Early ~ Homie ~ Yooyiee

Hari ni yang best. Dapat balik umah super~duper awal. Sharp at 5pm, habis jer meeting, singgah opis Wise Old Man sekejap, diskas sket2, then terus rush masuk opis balik. Tgk emel sket2, then ade satu emel which attract me. Hehe...... Best!!!!

What is best friend for ????

Thank you kak hanie for belanja-ing us makan @Londang the Bendang today. Memang sodap.

Friday, 21 October 2011

My Super Sensitive Skin

I have a really super sensitive skin. My skin can get easily dehydrated and i can only use this product - Monreo. Suggested by this one saloon and the face care personnel. But, since lately i'm kinda having a very tight budget, so i was thinking of getting / trying other product. It cost me about $200 for one bottle of H2O booster (30ml). Which i think in long term, i couldn't afford keep staying on that product. So expensive.

Then I had been introduced by a colleague to buy skin care product via online (http://my.bestbuy-world.com/). Mmg murah dan menjimatkan. I bought a Maximum Hydration Moisturizer - Estee Lauder. In 3 days, I received the item being couriered to me. Nice~~~~.

Tp that moisturizer could not sustain as good as the earlier product i used. My skin gets dehydrated and jadi mengeras. So there go! Love skin, got to maintain with the Monreo set of product. Especially the H2O booster...........

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Raining Cat & Dog - Part II

Again, it was raining cat & dog all the way back to Perak. After having dinner with my husband, he took me to StarBuck. My favourite. Bought small cup of coffee, bekalan while driving nnti, takot ngantuk. Thank you dear.

Sekarang musim hujan, ptg jer sure hujan lebat. Bawak keter maintain 80 km per hour jer paling laju. Hujan lebat, berangin. Most of cars were in the left lane, they move slowly and turn on the hazard light. Wat surprise me, bas jer yg asik melaju atas highway ni. Its ok, let them. Biar lambat asal selamat. I will be reaching my place at about 12 midnite i guess. Dengan suhu badan yg meningkat and tekak yg rase sakit, i should do sumthing before demam datang.

Ingat nak singgah mane2 stesen petronas nak beli air Cool Rhino or air cap kaki tiga. Kalo tunggu esok, takot nnti dah demam, susah pulak nnti nak baik. Last aku demam, it was about 10 years back. Lepas SPM. So dalam saat2 kritikal ni (next weekend would be my wedding reception), i should treat myself properly. Amik ubat dkt klinik then beli air cap badak.

All the way back home, i’ve been thinking bout myself. Lately i can easily get tempered for small thing. Especially when it comes to office work. I think kalo pegi check dkt klinik ni. I might be no longer with low blood pressure. Silap2 high blood pressure dah skrg ni. I should so something, maybe kene berUSAHA to be calmed and be more collected. Okie lah utk bebelan hari ini.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Raining Cat & Dog - Part I

It was raining cats & dog since 5.30pm. From the office, I could see the heavy rain together with strong wind. I decided to wait for the rain stop. At 7.30pm, I started my journey travelling to Putrajaya. Got to stay @Marriot, Putrajaya. I did once stayed there for the same event with KPT. But last time i brought my parent accompanying me. They are so worried that I'm gonna fall asleep while driving late at night.

This time, my husband gonna come to my place. He will be finishing his job at 10.00pm. I'm so hungry and got to wait for him. It was so true, this place was not easy to find. Dunno how to mention, tp tempat ni gelap (it was night either when i reached there.... haha alasan sesat walaupon menggunakan PapaGo).

Nothing great to mentioned here. I am currently reading & following others Cat Lovers blogos. I am so happy reading their BloGos. There are so many people out there loving these lovely, cute, cuddly creatures. It so happenned I found a blog of people who make a shelter for abandunt cat and even dog. They didn't request people to give them money. They just share their story. They are so generous.

Just to share some with readers, when comes about cat, cute kitty, mebby etc.... my daddy sangat rajin melayan karenah2 saye treating the cats. Even sometime, when my daddy dah malas nak melayan, he will say "nnti kat blkg umah kita ni, kita buatkan cat shelter. letak sign, sape2 nak buang kucen, sila letakkan di sini. Pastu tambah sket, sila letak kan juga bersame makanan kucen & juga duit perbelanjaan utk sara kucing2 ni". With this i usually will show a 'blueeek' sign to daddy. He he he~~. Love you dad....

But I when read more BloGos, I found there are people who has did that before me. I happily told  ayah & he was interested to know more. Who is that people? A man or women? How did he come out with the fund? Is he wealthy? Hehehe.... thank you dad sbb sudi melayan karenah anak ayah ni. The people that i was just about to know , i just put some guessing on what they did actually. But from the entry they made, they took strays cats, brought them to the vet, treat them. Doesn't matter who they are, which religion or ethnic, you are GOOD people. May Allah bless.....
We found this Ibu together wif her Mebi, di buang dkt dgn bendang ayah. Sampai hati~~~
Ayah kate kalo bela kucen Ibu beranak murah rezeki. Alhamdulillah kami tak pernah hidup susah.
Kucen2 pon takde la menyusahkan hidup pon kan.....

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Memey d'Girl

At home, selain dari Mode (my lil sis cat), I have another cat named Memey. She was actually our neighbour's cat. But since my neighbour always not at home, so Memey came to my house. Until she become so attached to me. So I declared her as my cat. Kalo I jerit jer name dia, cpt2 dia dtg dr blkg umah. Skrg dah dok dkt umah kami jer. Mak kate, kalu saya balik rumah, mengade2 sangat Memey ni. Ikut masuk bilik la, tido atas sofa la. Yang paling mak geram, ayah terjumpa dia tido atas my bed. He he he~. Selepas itu kejadian tidak lagi berulang coz pintu tu mak akan make sure always tutup.

Memey ni mase kecik I called her Mebi. Kucen mase kecik2 kan cute2, mcm beby jugak. Cuma cutting Memey ni, muka dia panjang mcm kucen jantan. So bila dah besar kurang cute nye. Tp tak kisah la. Mak kate, if I were not at home, Memey won't even dare to go to the living hall. Dok dekat depan pintu dapur jer la dia. Tp kalo saya ade di rumah, she will come to me watching TV together. Kalo mak nak marah, saye akan cakap ayat power 'mak, jangan marah dia. dia tak cukup kasih sayang' & memey will cuddle to me to get protection, hehehe. Mak tak kasi sangat Memey berlegar2 dkt dlm rumah sbb kami ade beby Amnan. Takut alergi.

Pernah sekali, I sat near to beby Amnan, tolong buaikan. Memey came near me & came onto my lap and dia jenguk ape yg saye tgh buai. So amazing. I thought Memey nak cuddle dkt my lap. Lps dia jenguk ape dlm buai, Memey looked at me, dia meow sekali and terus landing dkt lantai near to me. I told my mom. Agak nye selame ni, dia nak sangat tgk ape yg mak dok kerobet2 (pakai2 kan lampin beby amnan). Tp sbb dia takot dgn mak dia tak penah dpt tgk beby amnan dkt2. Ape tak nye, mak ade letak satu penyapu lidi tepi katil beby Amnan. Hahaha~~~

Pernah juga after that happenned, I was playing with beby Amnan on the mattress dkt atas lantai, mak pulak semayang dlm bilik. I take turn tgk2 kan Amnan. Then Memey came near to me and watch Amnan closely. Like she undertands that Amnan is part of the Family and she wants to get involve to. She just sat there and watch Amnan peacefully. Jage2 Memey, budak2 kecik kang dia dah besar dah boleh berlari, tak cukup tanah nnti kamu kene kejar.

Memey dgn posing tido near to me

Monday, 17 October 2011

Kucing yang Menyerupai Kambing

Kambing @ the door

Last time we had a big cat, yang tetiba came to our house and became part of the family. We named him Kambing as he got big fat tummy dgn muka yg panjang, sekali tgk memang mcm kambing. At that time we have few other cats. Yang paling otai named Abby. Bila balik kampung, Angah was the first one who are so excited to show me his new cat. He got the same stripe like my other cat. I responded to him, 'Ala.... mcm Abby jer aku tgk kucen ni. Tak special la'. I was like no bother about the new cat.

Angah showing off Kambing to me. Naaaahhhh - not interested
But then, during dinner I saw again the cat in the kitchen. I spontaneously said, 'eh Angah, kucen ngkau ni rupe mcm kambing la..... hahaha'. Siriyesly muka kucen ni pon mcm kambing. Tgk gambar dia ek. Angah start la nak show off, dia kate kucen tu pandai makan sayur. It was so true, kucen tu makan pucuk ubi. Mak marah angah takut nnti kucen tu kembung perut. Saye nampak jugak kucing tu agak sokoh@tak senonoh sbb dia selongkar makanan dlm tong sampah. Dia makan batang pucuk ubi. Haiyer....kucen ni herbivor kot. Mungkin dia kebeluran, that was his few days at our house. Angah kate kucen baru ade 3 hari dkt umah kami. Ayah kate dia penah dulu nampak kucen tu dkt tepi jalan, dua lorong sebelum rumah kami. Mase tu ayah kate ade lagi 2 ekor belang yg same dkt situ. Mungkin orang buang or kucen terbiar. So Kambing was destinied to came to our house.
Memang rupa dia mcm Kambing
Kambing jadi best friend dgn Mode & Labu (another kucen of us which have lost sbb kucen ni mcm Time Traveller.... he will come & go ikut suka dia. He was actually anak kucen baka siam yang saye bela mase saye Internship dkt Terengganu). They will play together, sleep and eat together. Bila sumer dah besar, sumer jadi hero. We have as well another new comers at that time. Abby Junior. Few days before that Abby past away in our house, peacefully. It was seven-years he spent his life with us. Joyce & tears together. Abby @ Dub in memories....

Sleeping, Playing together~gether

Mode & Kambing went out for fresh air. Abby Junior wuz ere too. It was only few days after Abby past away, we found Abby Junior at the back of our house. Semestinya someone has dropped Abby Junior all alone there.....

Eating together~gether. No one can disturb Abby bila time makan. Satu pinggan dia sekor jer, sape kaco sure kene back-slap by Abby. Tp kalo kucen kecik yang kaco Abby makan, Abby will step back and let them have it. Kalo kucen2 yang dah besar menyibuk, siap la... boleh terbalik pinggan bila Abby ngamok.... hehe. Ayah Abby @ Ayah Dub mmg otai~

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Week with No Weekend

Its has been two weeks where myself and other colleagues had been working like crazy. To making sure the events went smoothly. I feel like my body was deterioting. Makan yang tak teratur, tido yg tak menentu. Tido pon boleh mimpi pasal miting. Aduish.... what a bad day. But alhamdulillah eveything went out well.

I wish all the graduates will success in their career~~~

Sumer memberi senyuman paling manis dlm kepenatan. Kaki ku sakit sepanjang hari berdiri atas stage. First time ku pakai walkie~talkie, suspen~sion

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Cat Breeds Encyclopedia

This weekend, it is my hubby's turn to come down to Perak. We have earlier planned to spend a weekend together and travel to Pangkor Island. Hubby's came with no empty handed. He bought me the Cat Breeds Encyclopedia. How thoughtful he is. Tak dpt kucen, dpt tgk gambar pon ok la, he he he. Thank you dearest, i Love you. So while browsing the book, I request him to buy me few types of cat. He replied 'amboi senang nye dia order'. He he he~~~

My husband wasn't really into cat. He said it is fine if i would like to raise cat at our house. But the cat should be able to be a civilized creature. I asked him I would like to have Memey accompanying me while he is away during the weekdays. At least Memey boleh teman kan saye tidur. My husband replied 'Teman kan u tidur? That is No No. No cat is allowed in bed'. Tapi Memey suka lepak dengan saye atas katil. Husband said 'Takpe la kalo camtu. Nnti abg belikan dia satu katil single bed kasi dia lepak & tido. Jgn bwk naik katil kita tido'. Hahaha~~~ sampai camtu sekali. OK, understood. No cat. I'm fine. Always can go back balik umah mak & ade byk kucen. Hehehe

Together with the encyclopedia, hubby also bought me two Sudoku books. Yeayyyy!!! Thank you sayang. U always know what best for me. Love u much!!!
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