Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Pet Diary

Pity this little kitten. Found her under my brother’s apartment. Abandoned by its owner and we couldn’t find the mother cat. Sangat kasihan. We reached there at the apartment on Saturday morning, by then we already heard the poor little cat crying. On Sunday, the poor lil beby cat was still there calling for her mother i guess. Sedey, the thought of how hungry & thirsty the lil beby cat after few days left there alone, My lil sis & I decided took her with us. We put her in a box and brought it back to Tronoh. On the way home, I stopped by at R&R and tried to find some cat foods. We did, put it in the box, and the same time trying to comfort her with some tissue and towel in the box.

To feed her, i bought cat’s milk from pet shop with the bottle. Sangat cute. Adorable. My lil sis already has her own cat, so she said this poor lil cat of mine ni tak cute. But it doesn’t matter. She is such a adorable creature.

Monday, 5 July 2010

The price I got to pay


The price i got to pay sbb tidak menjaga gigi dengan teliti. Kene wat RCT on one of my geraham. Owwhh sgt sakit. Nangis. Tiga hari tak dpt makan nasik berlauk. Muntah2. Pening kepala. Padan muka sendirik...

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