Friday, 23 April 2010

I’ve Been Tagged! - 7 things about me :)

It takes me few days (days ke weeks... mcm lame jer... hahaha) to complete this tagged. Mr Capri was so kind as to tag me. Rules said once you’re tagged you need to list seven things that people don't know about you and then pick other friends that should do the same (If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you). So here we go: -

1. This conversation were between close frens & me three years back, during working hours. I asked 'Weit. Lagu ape yang korang nyanyi nih?'. Frens answered 'Lagu tadika la zubeq. Ape la engkau ni. Itu pon taktau'. All of them gelak jahat dkt aku. Hampeh. I responded bluntly 'Owh... patut la aku taktau. Aku tak tadika dulu mase kecik. Terus masuk darjah 1 jer.' Boleh diaorg tak percaye. FYI, all my siblings sumer tak tadika. Coz i live in small kampung where yang sgt2 kampung kot mase tu. But now, it's still a kampung but i call it my lovely hometown. Hehe... sila la tatap gambar kampung saye... sgt aman damai kan :)
Gambar dkt blkg umah

2. Mase masuk darjah 1, I cuma pakai pinafore for one week. Saye sangat chubby mase kecik. Sangat kuat makan & sangat comel (sendirik tambah). Oleh sbb saye kuat makan, saye chubby so perut nampak buncit pakai pinafore. Kene ejek oleh bdk2 jahat (bdk yg pegi tadika kot :p). Balik umah nangis dkt ibu.... 'mak, nak pakai baju kurung. tak suka pakai gaun!'... haha. Skrg pon sudah menjadi sangat gemuk... tgh work out nak turunkan 5kg!
Comel kan saye mase kecik... hehehe

3. I like to watch cartoons, jidin, movie, cartoons & cartoons. I dont like love story. Hate it. Kalo ade option, i won't watch love story. Love sudoku, beading, cats & eating. Don't remember how many cats have become part of my life.... hehe. Few that i have, adelah dkt bwh ni. Popo (the white one) is my younger sister's cat. She is now in India.. pursuing her study. She usually request to speak with her cat over the phone (mengade2). Picit kucing dia bg bunyik. Another cat is Pitto (in the drawer & yg tgh buat muka tak puas hati nak gigit kaki itu). My elder brother's cat. Sangat ganaz. Suke gigit org.

4. Fyi, saye boleh hidu bau manis, bau masin, bau demam, bau asrama & etc.... hehe. Dahsyat kan... Yang paling best & really help much is i can smell bau demam. So bila i dah mcm dpt hidu bau demam mcm nak dtg, so i will drink alot, utk turunkan suhu bdn. Selalu nye, i'll get air Cap Badak aka Cool Rhino. Its really work. Bukti nye... saye penah demam dua kali sahaja. Iaitu mase darjah 3 & after SPM. But i got it in package. Muntah2, cirit birit, pening kepala, selsema & cuma boleh baring jer. And it takes month to recover. During my medical checkup utk masuk uni, i only weighted 39kg (same mase medical checkup masuk kejer... skrg dah 50kg... haha). Sangat kasihan kan waktu itu. We went to several clinics, but doc said its demam virus. Takes time to recover. I have to take byk ubat. Telan jer la... Penah my dad became panic (demam mase form 5 tu la after SPM). I tot i'am already OK, so i went to shower (dah seminggu tak mandi, asik lap2 jer). Kuar dr bathroom, i went blue (lips, kuku, kulit i tak ingat). My dad bungkus me with sweater berlapis2, selimut and bring me to Hospital Kerajaan. The result, doc said 'demam biase jer ni'. At last i sembuh jugak... cuma mase minggu orientation dkt uni, still have cough & flu... Moral of the story, Alhamdulillah I have strong antibodi. Jarang demam or selesema (reason why, mungkin sbb saye ni makhluk yg kuat makan.... so cukup zat & vitamin dlm badan... hehe)

me waktu demam.... sgt kasihan kan... uhuk uhuk
5. I am alergi to aspirin. Just realize it after 26yrs been into this world. Went to the clinic sbb nak checkup with the doctor, coz i have pening kepala yg saye sendiri pening memikirkan nyer. As usual masuk opis, it's has been a week saye pening kepala. Coz tahan dgn kepeningan itu, i asked my colleague to bring me paracetemol dlm First Aid box (i knew i could not take Panadol Actifas, coz nnti i akan menghadapi bengkak dkt blkg telinga & leher). But after taking the paracetemol, same thing happenned. Then straight away went to clinic, checkup2x rupenye i have low blood pressure (bp 90/60). And the doc mcm tak puas hati knp selame 26thn i tak penah find out alergi to aspirin. So the reason above yg saye penah demam dua kali sahaje, itu la jawapan nyer.

6. I am currently on diet (not really diet as I can't reduce my eating consumption... betul ke ayat ni... haha). So i choose to work out coz dieting will make me sick (i guess... my own conspiracy theory...haha). Now i am on betting with an old wise man (hehe... jgn marah). I have new hobby now. Work out on my new alat senaman taksima while watching tv at home. Sangat best & romantik... hehe (below image is for illustration purposes only... mine is a bit different. Magnetic bike cycling - takasima)

7. I don't know what is the 7th wonders thing about me. Some people says i am funny (the wise old man say... hehe), some told me i am serious, a very structured person, perfectionist (obviously not me). That is what other people say. The truth is, it just me. A simple girl with lots of thing that i still have to learn. Pic below is my loves one (my sibling yg masing2 takde iras langsung... We really have good combinations from mom & dad... haha)

Nota kaki:
1. I am now at Toyota Service center, awaiting the new tyres for my lovely cutie vios. Taking the opportunity to update my blog. But in my head, thinking about pile of job in the office. Exam this sat & sunday. Final Exam next weeken. Alumni next weeken too. Crack my head
2. I am not in a good mood today. Sudah mengadu domba to the wise old man pg td. I use to say 'i hate u 88x' to the wise old man. But the truth is, i dont hate him at all. I miss the time when i was under his supervision. What i hate most is when i have to guide others where i am the person who suppose to receive the guide & advice. Its really disappoint me today. The 'person' might be genuinely sick but still i dont feel good :p~~~~ (ct yg teruk... haha)
3. Hope the wise old man will read this till the end. Take this message ye 'saye belum mengaku kalah lg tau...let's see who is the biggers loser'. (p/s: nak hadiah ape nnti ye??? hahaha)

Monday, 19 April 2010

4 bijik Tayar Baru

(Tuesday, 20 April 2010 - 1.05pm) Here i am again @ Toyota Service Center. Last weekend i drove happily to KL to attend a bestfren wedding. At the beginning, I thought of going to the office on Monday right after coming back from KL. Byk kejer pending and beratus email to be read & most importantly to be responded/replied.

But, last minute tuka plan... went back from KL around 11am on Monday, dah atas HiWay, macam pk 'balik umah terus lagi syok nih...' hehehe. So terus amik exit Bidor... huhu bye2 office. Sampai umah my mom told me 'kakso, ayah semlm ajak mak makan pizza... mcm adik pulak, nak makan pizza'... mak yg ckp, not me. So in the evening, makan pizza bersame ayah ibu.

Back to the Topic '4 bijik Tayar Baru'... It started when my dad tegor tayar keter I haus@ makan tayar ayah kate for both tayar sebelah kiri. And because my dad ni sgt memanjakan saye, he offered utk bawa kan keter i pi kedai buat balancing dia kate. But I wonder, aku bayar service mahal dkt Toyota but dia tak buatkan balancing ke.

So this morning, after calling the workshop, the lady service adviser said I have to bring my car for them to investigate. She said mmg penah ade kes, Vios yg guna tayar GoodYear ade problem yg same mcm my car. Its not the car that caused 'makan tayar' itew. But it is because the tayar itself. So Toyota will give me 4 brand new tayar to be replaced with. Yahoooo....

So kalo ade sape2 kat luar sane ade masalah yg same, pi claim dkt service center ye. Sape yg pakai vios jer ye... hehe...

Note: gambar takde... hahaha
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