Monday, 19 April 2010

4 bijik Tayar Baru

(Tuesday, 20 April 2010 - 1.05pm) Here i am again @ Toyota Service Center. Last weekend i drove happily to KL to attend a bestfren wedding. At the beginning, I thought of going to the office on Monday right after coming back from KL. Byk kejer pending and beratus email to be read & most importantly to be responded/replied.

But, last minute tuka plan... went back from KL around 11am on Monday, dah atas HiWay, macam pk 'balik umah terus lagi syok nih...' hehehe. So terus amik exit Bidor... huhu bye2 office. Sampai umah my mom told me 'kakso, ayah semlm ajak mak makan pizza... mcm adik pulak, nak makan pizza'... mak yg ckp, not me. So in the evening, makan pizza bersame ayah ibu.

Back to the Topic '4 bijik Tayar Baru'... It started when my dad tegor tayar keter I haus@ makan tayar ayah kate for both tayar sebelah kiri. And because my dad ni sgt memanjakan saye, he offered utk bawa kan keter i pi kedai buat balancing dia kate. But I wonder, aku bayar service mahal dkt Toyota but dia tak buatkan balancing ke.

So this morning, after calling the workshop, the lady service adviser said I have to bring my car for them to investigate. She said mmg penah ade kes, Vios yg guna tayar GoodYear ade problem yg same mcm my car. Its not the car that caused 'makan tayar' itew. But it is because the tayar itself. So Toyota will give me 4 brand new tayar to be replaced with. Yahoooo....

So kalo ade sape2 kat luar sane ade masalah yg same, pi claim dkt service center ye. Sape yg pakai vios jer ye... hehe...

Note: gambar takde... hahaha

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