Thursday, 28 February 2008

Partner in Crime

Look at his faces. Ha ha ha~. Kelakar la beb. Aku soh wat muka terkejut, tp ko wat muka mcm nak ‘makan budak’. Azrul, you were my best partner in crime ever. Even though we only known each other less than a year I guess. Ye ke beb? Aku rase mcm lame jer ngko menghantui hidup aku... hahahaha. We get close to each other once our dept had been moved to KL. Went back from the office late night or almost early in the morning. Subuh2 dah naik tren.... it was so fun worked there together with the bunch of you guys, which had lightened up my life. U guys ROCK!!!
Yes, we did last time, partner in crime. We were good friends, get in trouble and we did laugh about it. We did???? Yes, we terribly did it. Let’s see some crazy, outrageous pictures you guys :). Love it!!!

Pic 1: Juju, APM, me & the coffee - Sape la yang dengki tutup muka aku dkt kopi. Hampeh tul
Pic 2: Azrul, APM & me – nice pic, at last!

APM. Juju thought the name had been given ‘Azizul Post-App Master’, which sounded so nice. But it was actually named to him by me sbb Azizul ni kaki buli. Selalu sgt menyakat aku. So I named him APM which meant ‘Azizul Pegi Mampos’. Haha, doesn’t really mean it. Just for fun, but then that name goes really fine with him. He is now a father to a really beautiful daughter.

Farizal Shawal & Oja: Haha, nice pics dude :). I wish both of you now have excel in your career & family life

Farah>Giving her Great Pose ever
Yuyu> APM jahat, dia kate yuyu tak muat dlm gambar ni sbb besar sgt. Jom kita belasah APM.

Yani, Mary & Aish> Eating, as well as experimenting

Paan, Ejan Sharifah & Bae> the best laughter ever

Rizal> Rizal in green t-shirt. Really like green. Rizal again with his dream car :) Mamat ni suke wat sound2 yang aneh aka sound track movie bergerak :p

My Last day @HSBC> all in green. Thank you guys!!

I think you guys won’t ever forget this orange sandal of mine. Best tau. It’s comfort and glowing in the dark at the same time. He he he~

Picture of us taken, we had so much fun at PD. When will be the next??
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