Monday, 22 February 2010

'publicity-addicted psycho'

Hi all! I'm back.... I was away for almost a month, away from updating this blogging thingin'... hehe. But i am here still :)

(8 Feb 2010): Pasar malam at V4. Alhamdulillah... sambutan yg memberansangkan. Gud job Village 4 Committee!

(17 Feb 2010): Went to KM Training. At first malas nak pegi, awal sem kejer byk, ramai peminat dtg carik dkt opis. But somehow manage ade mase utk attend (must attend). Selamat dah pegi with other opismate... very good training. Create awareness for me yg kind of ignorance dgn things yg happen luar dr kejer opis... hehe. Bloggin can be part of platform for KM right? Sharing wat we know with others. I suka tagline given by satu iklan dlm tv for Top Host amende ntah 'Tau byk bende mmg sgt bagus, but kalo dpt share dgn org len, itu lg bagus!' <-- ayat model tu ckp dgn penuh gaya. Dia ckp dlm BI, aku translate ke Bahase Melayu. Hehe...

(19 Feb - 21 Feb 2010): Went to Bukit Merah. Leadership Training for Village Committee. First time conduct such event. Bg training dkt bdk2. Coz my team (the 1st time facilitators), do not have any such experience conduct Leadership Training camni, so we just share wat we have learned (credit to UTP teambuilding that we have attended, copy few games & activities). Nak bg motivational talk tak reti, kang bdk tido plak. So activities conducted, we encourage and invite student to participate giving ideas and the importance of working in a team. Byk idea dpt from here... i have already suggested my V4 Comm to start V4 facebook. Sampai skrg takde lg. Students are bz maintaining/updating their own facebook kot... hehe. Then, they come with better great idea, Village Committee YearBook. Thats even better. One channel of archiving all activities being done and could be part of KM as well kan. Hehe.... KM sesaje.... Aneway, i will withdraw from being a Fellow by this August (contract dah abis), so archiving is important. Should new staff yg jd fellow tu nnti, she would get idea & how to manage the fellow thingin'.

(23 Feb 2010, Today @ 3.00pm):
Here i am now, at Toyota service center....hehe. Purposely amik cuti arini, to settle few personal errands. While waiting for my car siap di service, amik sket mase update this blog yg udah nak bersawang. Laju giler net dkt sinih... haha. Luckily i bring my laptop together. Berat laptop ni. Ingat nak pi survey and buy a new netbook. Small & compact, sesuai utk saye yg comel ni... hehe.

Hmm... tajuk dkt atas tu 'publicity-addicted psycho' is referred to Knut the Polar Bear. Dah kate net laju kan, so kita amik la kesempatan surfing2.... huhu. Knut (born 5 December 2006) is a polar bear who was born in captivity at the Zoologischer Garten Berlin. Rejected by his mother at birth, he was subsequently raised by zookeepers. The mother rejected her cubs for unknown reasons, abandoning them on a rock in the polar bear enclosure. The zoo keepers rescued the cubs by scooping them out of the enclosure with an extended fishing net. Only the size of a guinea pig, he spent the first 44 days of his life in an incubator before the zoo keeper Thomas Dörflein began raising the cub (source wikipedia). Few pics of the cute Knut:

Macam teddy bear yang berlakon dalam filem A.I, cuma kaler jer lain, yg dlm filem tu tangerine bear... kaler coklat.. hehe

Uhuk uhuk... papi, don't leave me in the zoo. Bring me home~~~

Knut & his loving papi

Now Knut is bigger, the crowds are larger - and, his keeper warns, his mental health is deteriorating
Mr Roebke added: "The trouble is that he identifies himself as a human and not as a polar bear." <--bleh plak binatang konpius mcm ni. Tp kiut bangat :)
"And as long as he is with us he will always think of Thomas Doerflein, the keeper who brought him up when he was a baby, as his father. Knut needs publicity and that must change.
"He is addicted to the whole show, the human adulation. It is not healthy.
"He actually cries out or whimpers if he sees that there is not a spectator outside his enclosure ready to ooh and aah at him.
"When the zoo had to shut because of black ice everywhere he howled until staff members stood before him and calmed him down."

Finish pasal Knut the Polar Bear. About me, right after this i will go for facial treatment. Balik dr Bukit Merah, kulit ku pon udah merah2....sun burn. Kuar rashes2, kecik2 dkt muka... uwaa tak suka. But the wheather nowadays mmg sgt panas, apetah lg di kawasan Toronto yg gersang ini. Td sempat singgah Guardian & i already bought Aloe Vera cap Banana Boat. Hope putting it, my skin akan rase relief sket.... Hmm, just received msg from anak2 V4 comm, nak meeting pulak mlm ni at 9.00 pm (sempat ke nak facial ni... keter siap at 5.30pm). Meeting for Trip to Thailand. Kalo ade kelas during that time, i won't be able to join the trip... hmm. But its good for the students to visit other Uni. So they can appreciate what they have here compared to others or they can bring wats good from there and practice it here (bukan tau nak complain jer... alih2 antar surat dkt *e**or... hehe)
Di atas permintaan ramai peminat dr post saye yang lepas, here i upload few pics of me utk tatapan... rindu ler tu kan :)

My lil sis pics @ Lost World of Tambun. Di manekah saye??? Aku la yg kene amik gambo :p~~~
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