Thursday, 29 December 2011

Praying for Full Recovery

I went to specialist yesterday, for further checking on the fractured facial bones that i had due to the accident.  I was actually quite shock when the doctor read the report to me. It sound serious: i had fractured on 3 parts of my facial bone & ade darah beku under the swollen cheek. Doc said, the fractured bones & swollen will take at least 6 weeks to recover. What worries most was the numb feeling on the right upper jaw. Worst case, numb on the right upper jaw could be permanent coz it maybe due to saraf yg injured (T_T).

My husband was right. I always thought I am OK for anything that would come and happen to me. I always thought I will always be under control. In other word, I actually had underestimated of the affect from that accident. I thought I will take the most 3-days to recover & things will goes back to normal. BUT it is NOT, for this time.

Today is the day~5 after the accident. I've lost 3-kilos in just 5 days, as I can't consume any food. I could only drink hot milk to comfort my hungry feelings. Luckily i love milk. Last night I went through a long sleepless night, thinking over and over again on what the doctor had said. Numb on the right upper jaw could be permanent coz it maybe due to saraf yg injured. It could be permanent? Numb for the whole life? I just couldn't believe. I think and hope there should be anyway for me to be able to fully recover.

I remembered a phrase mentioned by a friend 'Alhamdulillah you are still here di bumi Allah and able to breath the air'. Yes, you are right dear friend. Syukur, Allah still giving me the opportunity to live and serve my duty on this world. Alhamdulillah......

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Year End of 2011

Eventhough i already have 'sandy' who lighten up my life, however the year end of 2011 was ended with not happy news. I was involved with an accident last monday. Myself end-up with facial bone fractured & face swolling. Got a week of MC, 2011 year ended ~ welcome 2012.

Picture on the left: Sandy watching TV. Citer 'Hachiko' at that moment. Kusyuk for few minutes dia berdiri dkt depan tv tu. Maybe pelik tgk binatang kaki empat same mcm dia ade dlm tv

This has been the 3rd day i didn't consume any food. Except pouring myself with hot milk when i feel really hungry. I can't chew any food. What really worries me, i feel numb on my upper jaw and part of the nose. Will go to specialist for further check. Nothing much to update. Especially during this period of hibernation & perasaan diri yg terabai~~~.

Picture on the right: Myself with swollen face. Muka herot. Sadness. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The 'BiG BuLLy'

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Watching TV

Sandy nonton TV. Citer Ice Age time ni

Sangat tekun

Tekun nye dia
Tak puas hati tgk jauh2, 'Sandy' terus gi depan TV
Oleh kerana keboringan, Sandy terus sambung operasi meng'kokak' wire laptop
Sandy kepenatan, terus tido dgn mouse

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sandy Day~7

This is day~7 Sandy been with me. Sandy is a 'he' actually. Since the he has been named as Sandy, nemind with that lah kan. Ada apa pada nama. Sandy was no longer takut2.... he is so playful & sangat aktif.

This weeken i have to send Sandy again to the nursery@petshop. Got to attend cousins wedding at Batu Pahat, Johor. This time Sandy will have to stay bit longer there, in total 6 days. Kesian Sandy..... but i love you dear. They will take good care of you.
Look at Sandy yang dengan mata yg bercahaya2. Comel sungguh. Sandy dah tak takut2. Tp bila dia dengar bunyik yg aneh2, contoh mcm plastik beg kene keronyok, Sandy akan nyorok and start hissing at me bila try nak pegang dia.... 
Ini tempat perlindungan dia since 1st day i took him. Dia tido dkt bwh baju2 tu.... maybe to warm up his petite body. Bila kene dukung or cup him onto my both hand, Sandy akan purring & snuggling to my palm mcm beby kitten nak nyusu dkt ibu dia.... kesian Sandy. Belum putus nyusu agak nye Sandy before this
Sandy sangat gembira, lompat2 main dkt hall umah..... sampai kepenatan....
Sandy tertido dkt kusyen lps penat main


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Meet my 'SanDy'

It was not really good last week. Me ~ physically & emotionally. I was on MC last thursday & friday. Life must go on. BerUSAHA. Love that phrase so much.

Things been planned, must be executed. Went back to in-law hometown at melaka. There, kene urut dgn mother in law, kene pakai socks & lastly kene minum air kunyit. Adoyai, the taste, unforgettable. Family event during the weekend, best friend & relatives' wedding to attend. Done!!!

Got to meet doctor for another check-up. Hope can make it within this week. But it seems that I was behind time, kejer office. Too bad~~~. Again, berUSAHA!!!

Today, went back home late from office. It was raining. Parked my car, but then suddenly heard cat's meowing-asking for help i guess. It was darked. Can't really identify where was it. Checked dlm longkang, takde. Tgk atas pokok, takde. Cuba2 panggil lagi kucing tu. Heard it meowing from the road. I crossed the road, looking for the cat. There it is, dkt tgh2 jalan raya. It was darked, luckily the beby cat tak kene lenyek dgn keter. So lucky, coz kalo sekali pandang, takkan perasan itu kucing.

'Sandy' kelaparan. Bulu2 dia dah mengering sket, tp nampak mcm kene gergaji jer
I took her into my arm. She was soaked kene hujan, shivering kesejukan & bulu2 dia penuh dgn pasir2 jalan. Hold her with my both hands, baru dia diam sket. Then stret went to TESCO, carik makanan kucen. There she is. I named her 'Sandy' sempena badan dia yg penuh pasir mase jumpa td. 'Sandy' masih takut2 each time i wanna touch her. Actually, yet identified whether Sandy ni betul2 her or him. I was already in love wif her.

'Sandy' takut2 & tak sudi for fotoshoot
While browsing the net & updating this blog, dah few times dgr 'Sandy' nangis. Masuk bilik and comfort her. Maybe Sandy got a bad-dream. Sandy makan & tido nyorok2 in my room. Dlm takut2 sometimes Sandy purring and snuggle into my hand, my cloth. Sure Sandy rindu ibu dia.

This weekend, got to attend a workshop at Cameron Highland. So thinking of sending Sandy temporarily to pet shop dkt sini, utk dia jage kan while i am away. Dulu penah tanye, RM5 per day kate nye. Kene tanye balik esok.

K guys, enough for today. C u again next time.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Klepto Kitty

It has been a while i did not make any blog entry. Must love cats - Dutsy, The Klepto Kitty. Kucing paling comel, he committed crime in his neighbourhood. According to the cat's owner 'He need theraphy'....... he he he
The Klepto kitty caught in action. Stealing the towel
He even took the sponge
Sarung tangan pon dia kutip..... hadoiii
Ini yang paling x tahan. Undies kejiranan pon dia libas
Toy pon dia hangkut...... haaalaa kucen tomey ni~~~. Sumer pon nak kutip. Jenuh tuan nak store kan sumer hasil tangkapan dutsy dlm satu bilik khas

haaaaa ni dia hasil kegiatan Dutsy the Klepto Kitty. Tuan dia kene buat garage sale nak pulangkan semula jiran2 dia nyer barang yg kene kutip dgn Dutsy......

Full link to watch Dutsy caught in action, please click >>> http://youtu.be/xhRW4WmfrDA

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Kucing Hyper

Tupit ~ Pantang laci terbukak, dia dah masuk

This is the hyperiest cat ever we have in this century. We have adopted this small cat ever since he came to our house out of nowhere. He just suddenly be there at our house. We have taken good care of him.

Kucing ni sangat hyper, tak reti duduk diam. My lil sis cat - Mode, takkan dpt tido aman kalo dia nak lena2 dkt lantai. Sure kene godam dgn budak kecik ni. So Mode akan tido atas almari, atas peti ais, atas TV & mane2 sumer yg di atas. Asalkan budak kecik ni tak nampak dia. Mak selalu marah dak kecik ni. Tp marah2 gitu jer la, sbb kami akan cakap > 'mak, jgn marah dia. dia dah la tak cukup kasih sayang'.

tgk, dlm beg plastik pon dia nak masuk. Tupit ni mmg suka kaco daun.

Because of this cat, mak pesan jgn tinggalkan bende2 kecik (i.e. keronsang, tutup pen etc) atas lantai, nnti kucing ni makan. Which is so happenned, ade sekali tu saye bawak kucing ni masuk bilik. Biar dia hyper dlm bilik, ruang kecik jer, so i can watch onto him. Suddenly I nampak dia tgh mcm chew sumthing. Aku tepuk2 kepala dia soh bukak mulut, sekali dia tgh kunyah duit 10sen. Halaaaa kucen ni, mcm budak kecik yg baru tgh belajr merangkak, habis sumer nak masuk mulut.
Tupit & Mode ~ dkt luar rumah. Mode nak gi tangkap bende lain, sekali Tupit lompat atas Mode. Kejam tak. Tupit mmg kucen yg hyper & suka membuli

Tupit keletihan lepas kene buli

Tido pon penuh aksi
Kucing ni suka keluar, pantang ade pintu/tingkap terbukak, mmg dkt luar jer lah dia. Kejar ayam, kejar belalang etc. Even kalo malam pon nak kene carik dia time dah maghrib2 to bring him into the house. Kalo ayah dah balik dr surau, kene jage dkt pintu, kalo tak sure dia menyelit keluar. Tp skrg kucing ni dah arwah. Late in 2007, my lil sis call me nangis tgh2 mlm 'Kakso, Tupit dah mati kene langgor'. I called my brother, Angah slumber jer leh gelak2 'Tupit mati senyum'. Taktau lah sape yg langgar Tupit. Angah found it with no longer breathing dkt jalan depan umah kami. Tupit, rest in peace OK!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gu dah Demok

Gu tgh try gaya superman. It must be my lil sis again took this photo~~~
Gu dengan dagu yg berlipat. Mcm tak puas hati jer Gu ni

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

'Mode' Caught in Action

I'm browsing photos of mine in my laptop. So i came through this pics. I guess these might be taken by my lil sis. Her cat, 'Mode' has been Caught in Action ~ during my Engagement day. Here he is ~

Mode tgh tgk2 whether line is clear or not. Takut kantoi ler tu~~~
Take the photo! Take the photo! Cepat2 nnti kakso marah kalo dia nampak. Dia lom rasmikan lagik pelamin ni, Mode dah rasmikan dulu....

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mode Always Gets into My Way

Mode always get into my~way. Bila time aku nak menjahit, time tu la dia nak landing dkt kain2 yg aku parking dkt atas lantai. He always like that. Above pic was taken somewhere in 2008
This picture was taken in May 2009. Mase tgh sibuk2 nak jahitkan langsir before wedding kak cik. See mode sedap jer landing. Pastu bila soh dia blah, dia buat telinga senget..... eeeeeiiii geram

This is the latest picture taken. In July 2011. I was preparing langsir for my own bilik pengantin. Baru tinggal kan kejap jer.... mode dah landing baik nyer atas the kain langsir

I asked Mode untuk ke tepi, he gave me this pity looked.... eeiii nyampah
Terus sorok kan muka dkt kain langsir.... Mode yg gedikk~~~

Friday, 11 November 2011

Cat Anatomy

graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click here to view the full post.

Lately Me

It has been few days. I have lost my momentum. Specifically, my work-momentum. Why? I am not really sure. I am usually will come to the office with tone of energy, to-do list captured in my head, target & end-result. BUT these three days, I have zero-energy, no momentum at all. Why? Why? Why? It is all because of myself. My fault. Do something. Get back to the 100% momentum & energy. BerUSAHA!!!

I remember last time i did tell my mom of myself being so much under pressure. My mom responsed made me re-think of myself, muhasabah diri. Mom said, 'Maybe when you were sooo into the given task, you were so dedicated on finishing it. That is good, that is what you have to do. BUT you have lacken yourself on other thing. Prayers. How did you do? So focus then you late for prayers? You have to be greatefull on what Allah had given you. Good job, good life and good health. Be thankful for all of that.....' 

Thanks mom.

With this no-momentum feeling, i remembered of a 'beby' which I have rescued some time ago. The cute small kitten which had been abandoned.

So small, so cute. Here she is:
Beby nak susu
Sangat tiny but so cute

Beby yang takleh duduk diam

Beby isap susu..... mate beby yg bercahaye2
Beby jalan laju lps dpt minum susu...

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