Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Ring E

Dated 15 January 2011, i’m engaged to the man i chose. Alhamdulillah, the event run smoothly. The preparation was done only within 3-weeks time. Even the decision to get engaged was only made after my lil sister had confirmed that she would be back in late December till late January.

 Thanx to my housemet, maniza. She had been very helpful accompanying me choosing the flowers, giving ideas on the 'gubahan hantaran'. Did it all ourselves. To Maniza> ade rezeki, ade kelapangan, i'm sure giving a hand on your Big Day pulak. I really loves the hand bouquet, buat sendiri tau. Cost tak sampai RM10.00.... See the beautiful pink white hand bouquet~. Great pics were taken by fotographer Cucu Atuk

The hantaran, 7 dulang berbalas 9 dulang. With lovely white pink theme. I decided to have this white pink theme as my fiance wouldn't agree to wear this color during our Big Day. I had to consider our skin color. Hehehe~. All the happy faces during the small event yet sangat meriah..... Thanx to yus for the make-over yg cantek & look so natural

Saye sangat suka the own gubahan of ‘Sireh Junjung’. In pink, some of the colleague thought i’m using fresh flowers. Which is not. I bought it at Pasar Bina, Station 18. It was economy. I can get 5 flowers with RM2. Sangat berpatutan kan. And lastly, this is the pic of us together with both mommies. Alhamdulillah, syukur~

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