Thursday, 29 December 2011

Praying for Full Recovery

I went to specialist yesterday, for further checking on the fractured facial bones that i had due to the accident.  I was actually quite shock when the doctor read the report to me. It sound serious: i had fractured on 3 parts of my facial bone & ade darah beku under the swollen cheek. Doc said, the fractured bones & swollen will take at least 6 weeks to recover. What worries most was the numb feeling on the right upper jaw. Worst case, numb on the right upper jaw could be permanent coz it maybe due to saraf yg injured (T_T).

My husband was right. I always thought I am OK for anything that would come and happen to me. I always thought I will always be under control. In other word, I actually had underestimated of the affect from that accident. I thought I will take the most 3-days to recover & things will goes back to normal. BUT it is NOT, for this time.

Today is the day~5 after the accident. I've lost 3-kilos in just 5 days, as I can't consume any food. I could only drink hot milk to comfort my hungry feelings. Luckily i love milk. Last night I went through a long sleepless night, thinking over and over again on what the doctor had said. Numb on the right upper jaw could be permanent coz it maybe due to saraf yg injured. It could be permanent? Numb for the whole life? I just couldn't believe. I think and hope there should be anyway for me to be able to fully recover.

I remembered a phrase mentioned by a friend 'Alhamdulillah you are still here di bumi Allah and able to breath the air'. Yes, you are right dear friend. Syukur, Allah still giving me the opportunity to live and serve my duty on this world. Alhamdulillah......

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Year End of 2011

Eventhough i already have 'sandy' who lighten up my life, however the year end of 2011 was ended with not happy news. I was involved with an accident last monday. Myself end-up with facial bone fractured & face swolling. Got a week of MC, 2011 year ended ~ welcome 2012.

Picture on the left: Sandy watching TV. Citer 'Hachiko' at that moment. Kusyuk for few minutes dia berdiri dkt depan tv tu. Maybe pelik tgk binatang kaki empat same mcm dia ade dlm tv

This has been the 3rd day i didn't consume any food. Except pouring myself with hot milk when i feel really hungry. I can't chew any food. What really worries me, i feel numb on my upper jaw and part of the nose. Will go to specialist for further check. Nothing much to update. Especially during this period of hibernation & perasaan diri yg terabai~~~.

Picture on the right: Myself with swollen face. Muka herot. Sadness. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The 'BiG BuLLy'

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Watching TV

Sandy nonton TV. Citer Ice Age time ni

Sangat tekun

Tekun nye dia
Tak puas hati tgk jauh2, 'Sandy' terus gi depan TV
Oleh kerana keboringan, Sandy terus sambung operasi meng'kokak' wire laptop
Sandy kepenatan, terus tido dgn mouse

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sandy Day~7

This is day~7 Sandy been with me. Sandy is a 'he' actually. Since the he has been named as Sandy, nemind with that lah kan. Ada apa pada nama. Sandy was no longer takut2.... he is so playful & sangat aktif.

This weeken i have to send Sandy again to the nursery@petshop. Got to attend cousins wedding at Batu Pahat, Johor. This time Sandy will have to stay bit longer there, in total 6 days. Kesian Sandy..... but i love you dear. They will take good care of you.
Look at Sandy yang dengan mata yg bercahaya2. Comel sungguh. Sandy dah tak takut2. Tp bila dia dengar bunyik yg aneh2, contoh mcm plastik beg kene keronyok, Sandy akan nyorok and start hissing at me bila try nak pegang dia.... 
Ini tempat perlindungan dia since 1st day i took him. Dia tido dkt bwh baju2 tu.... maybe to warm up his petite body. Bila kene dukung or cup him onto my both hand, Sandy akan purring & snuggling to my palm mcm beby kitten nak nyusu dkt ibu dia.... kesian Sandy. Belum putus nyusu agak nye Sandy before this
Sandy sangat gembira, lompat2 main dkt hall umah..... sampai kepenatan....
Sandy tertido dkt kusyen lps penat main


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