Thursday, 31 December 2009

The end of Year 2009~~~

24 Dec 2009 (8.00 pm) : Get pack & drive back to my hometown... Hmm, cuak jugak nak drive malam2 ni... takut ngantuk, plus my eyes tak tahan silau. On d way home, it was raining cats & dogs, lebat sgt, takut nyer. Mmg bwk keter slow bangat. Arrived home safely tp umah blackout.... I wish to watch citer hantu dkt tv3, tajuk ape ntah.... selalu kalo tgk sorang2 rase nak gelak tp tak sampai hati (takut sbnrnyer... hehe)

25 Dec 2009: It was christmas day. My year end break started.... stay @ home, watch TV, play sudoku, menjahit manik, play with my cats, sudoku again, tv again.... lalala~~~

27 Dec 2009: Went to my aunties house... buat Bubur Asyura beramai2....

I have planned earlier nak pi jalan2 with my parents... but then I received call from my lil sis, dia ckp January dpn ni dia nak balik cuti for about 3 weeks (bdk kecik ni suka balik, kami nak dtg India dia tak bg, there's nothing she said. I am sure she's actually missed hometown so much... tu yg asik nak balik jer...). She wish nak pegi bla bla bla, beli bla bla... So my earlier plan was cancelled & to wait for my lil sis, bwk dia sekali jalan2. Destinasi Budget! Hahaha...

The rest of my year end long~~~ break (taken my annual leave, tp ade lg 3 hari yg burn mcm tu ajer & 10 will be carried fwd), I spent my days at home with my parents, my cute & lovely cats... setelkan my tuition fee for next sem, then doing my daily routine again, watch TV, play sudoku, menjahit manik, play with my cats, sudoku again, tv again.... lalala~~~. But got extra this time around, saye dpt siapkan jahit langsir... hehe. And two baju kurung with manixx deco.

Recap for 2009, it was a hectic year yet wonderful. I have lots of memories (good and bad) off course sumer ade, which make me stronger, wiser and insyaAllah to the positive way. In Nov I was diagnosed having hypotension. Tak percaye with the readings yg doc bg, I went to another clinic and received the same reading. Low blood pressure. Doc adviced, eat more kerang, hati, bla bla bla (i eat a lot already, teruk la doc ni :p). And now i even cant wear my jeans comfortably. Saye dah gumuk :(.

For sure utk 2010, keazaman utk hidup lebih sihat. Badan jd berisi tak semesti nyer sihat. Tgk skrg ape dah jadi. I need to exercise (boleh ke? selalu hangat2 tahi kucen jer...). Uwaaaa!!!! Exercise!

Wat I have in my mind is not mainly for 2010. Next year, back to usual lah. Weekend class. Fellow thinging... bla bla~~~. 1st weeken of 2010, my 3rd semester class already started.

I am more excited for 2011. InsyaAllah during that time, i'll finish my master already. Wat i'm gonna do for 2011? Sure ade mase free yg byk. Hmmm.... thinking of new interesting hobby. Hehe... i got few plan, have to start slowly & year 2011 here I come (InsyaAllah kalo panjang umur, di murahkan rezeki...).

Pics of the year end~~~

Not yet done...

Thursday, 24 December 2009


You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile.....

p/s: i'm going for a long break... have a nice weeken ye sumer :)! Selamat bertahun baru, ber azam baru & jumpa lg tahun depan~~~
Sony Ericson W810i

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

What you give, you'll get back!

What you give, you'll get back! This is one famous quote I’ve always known but never deeply thought about. Maybe dint have the time or need unless now.

This morning, I received an email from a Hamba Allah, off course emel yg tak penting, emel yg di fwd2 with some pics in it. Usually I read those emails in a glance and put them aside. But today my hand so gatal to have a look and read the email.

I read it in a glance & with some pics attached with the email tells the whole story. Its about human torturing animal for their own good. A group of people, menternak angsa & purposely fed the swan to obesity. They put the swan in cage which the animal can only move their head & they fed them to death to get the animal 'fatty liver' as food. Ridiculous! Banyak lg makanan lain atas dunia ni. Or else, can sembelih jer that angsa & masak buat jadi lauk.

I feel pity for the animal. I feel sad for the cruelty of human being. After reading, I have some ungood feeling. Rase macam nak campak manusia2 kejam tu dlm laut (haha... aku lagi kejam :p~~~). And at the same time, rase menyesal coz I choose to read the email. Dlm hati sendiri (padan muke...sape soh bace emel yg bkn2 time kejer).

But after thinking a few moments, I get myself calmdown & dpt kurangkn rase tak puas hati dkt manusia2 kejam tu. Itu manusia bunuh binatang, now manusia bunuh manusia pon udah berleluase. What you give, you'll get back! When I think, Allah sure bg balasan setimpal atas ape yg semua makhlukNye buat, saye rase tenang. If they didnt get it cash during their life time, they will receive it later dkt akhirat.

To end today's blog, jom la tatap gambar yg comel & takde kaitan dgn topik bebelan di atas.
My younger sister's cat named Popo (*_*)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Stress ke?

I have completed one training for this year 2009. KPI met! See the cert (with smile... hehe)

Ques 1: Kenape stress management, tgh stress ke?
Ans 1: Dulu ye, tp skrg tidak lg.

Ques 2: Effective ye eTraining ni? Boleh ilangkan stress...
Ans 2: Hahaha....takdelah. Stress ilang seblm buat trening ni lg :)

Ques 3: Ape yg menyebabkan stress tu?
Ans 3: Overload with pile of job and me myself did not effectively manage the whole thing.

Bos saye kate 'We are now in fire-fighting situation. Wat we should do is to work hard now, thinking. Implement the next best thing to resolve not only current issue but as well the foreseen coming issue'.
Ques 4: Would I be able to do as the above?
Ans 4: InsyaAllah. To do this is not an easy job which can be done in a day. I received an advice from an older man, he said 'Siti, when you initiate, you have to take initiative to lead, or else it would go nowhere' ... which is so true.

Bos saye ade kate jugak (mase tgh pressure ni), 'Siti, Allah bagi kita beban setakat mane yg kita mampu tanggung....'.
Ques 5: Nak tambah kejer yg ade ni ke? (dlm hati saye berkate.... :p~~~)
Ans 5: Ye. Tepat sekali. Kejer telah di tambah, saye kene redha dan berusaha lagi di masa hadapan... (Sebak jugak saye.... but now, since i am no more under pressure, i am looking forward for it... hehe)

Back to the training...
Ques 6: Wat did u get from the training?
Ans 6: Secare summary nyer, saye senaraikan seperti di bawah.
- Pressure is good. Kalo takde pressure, nnti takde motivasi nak wat kejer, takde momentum org kate
- To look pressure on positive side. Look for opportunities...
- Byk lagi. Kalo saye trgkn dkt sini, korang dah tak payah pulak nnti wat training Stresss Mgmt tu... Pi enroll sendiri la :p~~~

Ques 7: Wat you would like to share with others?
Ans 7: Kalo stress jgn sendiri2. Share it with colleagues, friends, family or etc. Not to mengadu domba, but they might have different views which may help you to see clearly the caused and what need to be done.

Ques 8: Ape yg penting?
Ans 8: Kerjasama!!!!

Konklusi: Bagus eLearning ni. Tak payah nak attend two days training dkt Undercroft which can affect two days of workload pending atas meja. Watmore, I can enroll to the eLearning module/training at home. Else than doing beading, Sudoku, boring2 boleh layan eLearning ni...

So others, dah met KPI tahun ni ke??? Buat la eLearning tu, I took 3 days to complete the Stress Management module....hehehe. Jangan asik dok layan Facebook yg skrg ni menjadi fenomena.... blogging fenomena ke? Tak kot. Sbb nyer II yg ketinggalan.... hahahaha

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Weekenders~

Over the weekend, with my new hobby, hasil kerja tangan sendiri.... hmm.... lebih mengasyik kan dr menjahit manik... hehe... Rase2 ada yg berkenan, boleh la buat tempahan yer :p~~~~

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Try the Sudoku diet!

Sitting in your favourite armchair doing a crossword or Sudoku does not sound like a particularly effective way to use up calories.

But if you are about to postpone that trip to the gym and turn to the Coffee Break section of your Daily Mail instead, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Tackling puzzles for an hour, it seems, can burn more calories than are contained in many biscuits.

That was the eyebrow-raising claim being made by mental agility experts yesterday in a bid to encourage more people to log on to their brain-training website.

Doing puzzles and quizzes burns an average of 90 calories every hour, they say - while a chocolate chip cookie contains an average 56 calories, a custard cream 57 calories and a jammy dodger 85 calories.

p/s: I love sudoku (*_*). Now on my 3rd book, MENSA Sudoku (buffday gift from a fren).... baru sket buat, tu yg tak kurus2 tu... tak dpt burn calories... hehe

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health
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