Thursday, 31 December 2009

The end of Year 2009~~~

24 Dec 2009 (8.00 pm) : Get pack & drive back to my hometown... Hmm, cuak jugak nak drive malam2 ni... takut ngantuk, plus my eyes tak tahan silau. On d way home, it was raining cats & dogs, lebat sgt, takut nyer. Mmg bwk keter slow bangat. Arrived home safely tp umah blackout.... I wish to watch citer hantu dkt tv3, tajuk ape ntah.... selalu kalo tgk sorang2 rase nak gelak tp tak sampai hati (takut sbnrnyer... hehe)

25 Dec 2009: It was christmas day. My year end break started.... stay @ home, watch TV, play sudoku, menjahit manik, play with my cats, sudoku again, tv again.... lalala~~~

27 Dec 2009: Went to my aunties house... buat Bubur Asyura beramai2....

I have planned earlier nak pi jalan2 with my parents... but then I received call from my lil sis, dia ckp January dpn ni dia nak balik cuti for about 3 weeks (bdk kecik ni suka balik, kami nak dtg India dia tak bg, there's nothing she said. I am sure she's actually missed hometown so much... tu yg asik nak balik jer...). She wish nak pegi bla bla bla, beli bla bla... So my earlier plan was cancelled & to wait for my lil sis, bwk dia sekali jalan2. Destinasi Budget! Hahaha...

The rest of my year end long~~~ break (taken my annual leave, tp ade lg 3 hari yg burn mcm tu ajer & 10 will be carried fwd), I spent my days at home with my parents, my cute & lovely cats... setelkan my tuition fee for next sem, then doing my daily routine again, watch TV, play sudoku, menjahit manik, play with my cats, sudoku again, tv again.... lalala~~~. But got extra this time around, saye dpt siapkan jahit langsir... hehe. And two baju kurung with manixx deco.

Recap for 2009, it was a hectic year yet wonderful. I have lots of memories (good and bad) off course sumer ade, which make me stronger, wiser and insyaAllah to the positive way. In Nov I was diagnosed having hypotension. Tak percaye with the readings yg doc bg, I went to another clinic and received the same reading. Low blood pressure. Doc adviced, eat more kerang, hati, bla bla bla (i eat a lot already, teruk la doc ni :p). And now i even cant wear my jeans comfortably. Saye dah gumuk :(.

For sure utk 2010, keazaman utk hidup lebih sihat. Badan jd berisi tak semesti nyer sihat. Tgk skrg ape dah jadi. I need to exercise (boleh ke? selalu hangat2 tahi kucen jer...). Uwaaaa!!!! Exercise!

Wat I have in my mind is not mainly for 2010. Next year, back to usual lah. Weekend class. Fellow thinging... bla bla~~~. 1st weeken of 2010, my 3rd semester class already started.

I am more excited for 2011. InsyaAllah during that time, i'll finish my master already. Wat i'm gonna do for 2011? Sure ade mase free yg byk. Hmmm.... thinking of new interesting hobby. Hehe... i got few plan, have to start slowly & year 2011 here I come (InsyaAllah kalo panjang umur, di murahkan rezeki...).

Pics of the year end~~~

Not yet done...

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