Tuesday, 22 December 2009

What you give, you'll get back!

What you give, you'll get back! This is one famous quote I’ve always known but never deeply thought about. Maybe dint have the time or need unless now.

This morning, I received an email from a Hamba Allah, off course emel yg tak penting, emel yg di fwd2 with some pics in it. Usually I read those emails in a glance and put them aside. But today my hand so gatal to have a look and read the email.

I read it in a glance & with some pics attached with the email tells the whole story. Its about human torturing animal for their own good. A group of people, menternak angsa & purposely fed the swan to obesity. They put the swan in cage which the animal can only move their head & they fed them to death to get the animal 'fatty liver' as food. Ridiculous! Banyak lg makanan lain atas dunia ni. Or else, can sembelih jer that angsa & masak buat jadi lauk.

I feel pity for the animal. I feel sad for the cruelty of human being. After reading, I have some ungood feeling. Rase macam nak campak manusia2 kejam tu dlm laut (haha... aku lagi kejam :p~~~). And at the same time, rase menyesal coz I choose to read the email. Dlm hati sendiri (padan muke...sape soh bace emel yg bkn2 time kejer).

But after thinking a few moments, I get myself calmdown & dpt kurangkn rase tak puas hati dkt manusia2 kejam tu. Itu manusia bunuh binatang, now manusia bunuh manusia pon udah berleluase. What you give, you'll get back! When I think, Allah sure bg balasan setimpal atas ape yg semua makhlukNye buat, saye rase tenang. If they didnt get it cash during their life time, they will receive it later dkt akhirat.

To end today's blog, jom la tatap gambar yg comel & takde kaitan dgn topik bebelan di atas.
My younger sister's cat named Popo (*_*)

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