Saturday, 28 May 2011

At Toyota Service Centre wif Daddy

I've earlier made an appointment with Sitiawan Toyota Service Centre to come for major car service for my lovely vios. It took approximately one hour to reach there from Teluk Intan. Since I was late, they can only perform minor service on my car. Reallignment, balancing, tukar minyak itam & filter. Nemind, as long as the car could travel with me wherever i go. Daddy offerred to accompany me to the Service Centre. So, there were me wif daddy. Rupe2 nye ayah sbnrnye ade agenda. He did browse onto Camry 2.4,  siap test drive lagik. Daddy, i'm wif u. Saye sokong ayah sepenuh nye!!!!!

Daddy & me will always be partner in crime together2. He he he.

Me sitting here browsing the net. Facebooking and updating my blog. While daddy busy getting the brochures for his dream car. One thing forsure which i really like this Toyota Service Centre is the Wifi service. Internet laju beb~~~~

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima
I’ve heard about this pretty lady from my friends. Hana Tajima. A very unique name. My friends told me about her blog, with her stylish way of putting on the scarf. Sangat cantik. Yes she is.

Went back from the friends ‘meeting’ & the so-called pre-wed fotografing session, I did start searching-googling ‘hana tajima’. Surprisingly, i found out this lovely pic of her.
I was last time did search on what dress to wear for my engagement. My eyes captured on the photo of this lovely lady. I really like her dress. So simple yet very nice. Sangat sangat suka her innocent looks. Sangat cantik. Again! 
That hand bouquet is sangat cantik juge ok.

I’ve also found another pic of her which i felt that i’ve seen it somewhere before. This picture of Hana Tajima, with grey scarf and a camera in hand. I think one of friend in facebook used this picture as profile photo.

Dear Hana Tajima,
Awak sangat cantik :J! Saya suka kamu!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Exhausted to all of the Possible Hours

Happy : Counting the days

for my wedding

but i am exhausted to all possible hours~

coz i HAVE to work very hard (ade work smart tak?)

p/s: sangat tension hari ini sehingga telah mematah kan matric kad seorang student yang tidak berdosa

Student: I would like to bla, bla, bla
Me: try to explain, listen patiently
Student: so stubborn and would like what he wants
~after 10 minutes the student argued on the same thing~
Me: What is this University's name?
Student: Uni*** *** ***
Me: so please obey the rules of Uni*** *** ***
end of argument


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day Out wif the Gurls

Another GGTsession wif the girls. Location rumah Farah @Putrajaya. Like always, hana mesti ade. Right after the together gether session @Farah's place, we went to Pullman. Sgt cantik & gah tempat ni. Mcm biase lah, the girls wif DiVa's pose.

Hana wif the smile pose
Hana cuba melarikan diri dari foto session

Hana & the umbrella

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