Thursday, 26 May 2011

Exhausted to all of the Possible Hours

Happy : Counting the days

for my wedding

but i am exhausted to all possible hours~

coz i HAVE to work very hard (ade work smart tak?)

p/s: sangat tension hari ini sehingga telah mematah kan matric kad seorang student yang tidak berdosa

Student: I would like to bla, bla, bla
Me: try to explain, listen patiently
Student: so stubborn and would like what he wants
~after 10 minutes the student argued on the same thing~
Me: What is this University's name?
Student: Uni*** *** ***
Me: so please obey the rules of Uni*** *** ***
end of argument



capri... said...

Garang sungguh tanya nama universiti pulak? :-)

Zubeq Ance said...

hehehe. tension

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