Wednesday, 20 January 2010

D'manis boutique

I bought one baju from d'manis boutique today. The baju look so nice. So i just grab and pay while looking around for other nice baju (waiting for my capati utk bungkus siap from restoran al-bayan, kempunan coz pg td tak sempat nak bfas). Di sebab kan lps balik opis terus menyinggah kedai, so i didnt try the baju at the boutique. Mls nak salin2 baju... i took M size coz i knew i'm getting bigger (i'm too phat now :p~~~). Balik rumah, saje testing2. M size is just good for me. Tp the baju makes me look toooo phat. Mcm baju org preg la pulak... uwaaa. But the color is so nicerk. I just like green. It is a polka dot green dress.... hmm~~~.

p/s: Next time i can't shop while waiting for my food. Being hungry makes me shop for the un-necessary things. Tak dpt salahkan baju, salah kan makanan :p~~~~

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kalimah Allah

I would just like to express what i have in my mind. Not emotionally, but it makes me think & think... why?

Media keep saying, issues on kebebasan beragama. Why didnt this issue "the above" being handled as sensitive issue that could mengancam keamanan Malaysia as a whole?

Our Prime Minister said, keadaan masih terkawal. The act 'baling cat' or attempt to burn churches is not being done by a certain community or a group. Ia bukan aktiviti terancang, he said.

I couldn't believe on what I heard from a PM. The next question comes in my mind, until when we gonna wait? Mungkin tunggu ade yg berbunuhan kot... mungkin2. Only then they will react.

If kebebasan beragama was the issue, why dulu group of Al Arqam kene tangkap? I sendiri jawab, kerana boleh me mesongkan akidah org Islam. Kes yg ini tak same ke? (i have my own judgement in my mind) haha... funny.... Kang salah ckp, blogger pulak yg kene tangkap masuk ISA. We, have to beware of our words. how about they? haha... What is the behind agenda *wink wink.

To those people who keep attacking and burning church.... please stop taking advantage from the situation. I don't care which group you belong or which corrupt politicians you worship or what childish agenda you have.... but don't think people are stupid.. just stop this! (credit to Cakpit, I agreed with you)

p/s: wise oldman said, pi siasat kes enjin pesawat hilang lg bagus la. Org yg jual tu dah kaye raye makan duit haram, kita dok sibuk kes church kene baling cat, kene bakar (tp tak terbakar satu church pon). Ni kalo dgn bos i dah kene marah ni, ape root cause nyer? Settle that first...

Monday, 11 January 2010

My Pet Lion :)

Percaye tak ade org bela singa as pet. Percayelah... as me myself couldn't believe it mase mula2 tgk the clip.... Christian the Lion - A True Story. The beby lion was originally purchased by two Australians men from Harrods department store of London in 1969. The two men, Anthony Ace Bourke and John Rendall, found him there and immediately fell in love with him and determined to buy him.
They named him Christian. For years they raised him as their pet, but when Christian got too big to care for, John and Ace worked with a conservationist to reintroduce Christian back into the wild in Africa. After a year, John and Ace went back to Africa to find Christian, even though many people told them that the he would never recognize them and that it would be too difficult to find him. Well, they did! And the reunion is incredibly touching.

The lion at first cautiously approach and then quickly leap playfully onto the two men, standing on his hind legs and wrapping his front legs around their shoulders, nuzzling their faces. Tak percaye? Tgk sendiri klip nyer.... John & Ace mmg dah biase kan Christian manje2 cenggitu dr kecik. They just put both hand to him, mcm acah2 nak dukung bdk, and the lion will jump & give them a hug, sambil nuzzling it face... mcm kucen nak manje2... best nye.

How do i find it? Dkt you tube. A fren give me the link as she knows i really love cats (termasuk big cat...). Enjoy few pics i copied from other sources... dkt facebook pon ade pasal Christian ni... wat a lovely, adorable big cat :). Search la sendiri ek kalo nak tgk klip tu... Few pics utk tatapan bersame....

Singa bermanja2 :)
Round2 waktu petang...


During the reunion

p/s: saye mungkin tak berpeluang nak peluk the big cat, nak bela apatah lg kan... bela my nyamau2 jer la :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Are you OK in 2010?

In 2010, I aim to have a healthy life. Below are the list of my new year resolutions (1st time buat, seblm ni tak penah ade azam pon :p~~~):

Resolution No.1 : To exercise
Reason : I had 9kg increased on my weight which make me now 48kg. Wats really trouble me is my low blood pressure (dulu tak penah kene pon). BP level is 90/60. Makes me having lightheaded & dizziness sometimes
Remark : Start doing skipping @ home.
Achievement :
5 April 2010 - I've visited clinic for some personal reason. BP level is still low, the doc said. But to my surprise is my weight had increased few more kilos which make me 50kg now. WAAAAAAAAAAA..... this is scary. Takot... ct dah gemok (T_T)

Resolution No.2 : To settlekan my 7 days puasa nazar
Remark : Wajib buat :p~~~
Achievement :

Resolution No.3 : Finish my MENSA Sudoku book & to buy new one. I have completed two books
Remark : For my own collection... suka suki... hehe
Achievement :

Resolution No.4 : Jahitan manik, curtain fall & cute gift (My hobby & making money)
Remark : Cuba utk meluaskan empayar
Achievement :

Resolution No.5 : Finish my Master Degree
Remark : Now in my 3rd sem, 1 more sem to go... hehe
Achievement :

Note: Will update the achievement from time to time

Monday, 4 January 2010

Bad news on 2010~~~

Angah informed that he had tried to phone my mom since morning (4 Jan), but the line could not get through. We suspect something went wrong. We did try to call our nearest neighbour. But all are at work. I decided to go back after work to find out what happen. Maybe mom lost the handphone (i thought maybe the handphone drop kat dlm bendang or jatuh dlm parit coz my mom usually accompany my dad to kebun or bendang). But the news that i get is worse than that.

My house had been di masuki pencuri. It happenned around 3-4 am. My mom & dad were sleeping soundly. Tak sedar langsung. The buglar didn't get any cash, but he took away 2 handphones, 1 gold bracelet, 1 ring.

But I really thankful to Allah, my parent are not injured. We made police report and the officer informed us it was the similar case happened to other people within our area. The same way of getting into people house (the buglar did cut the grill).

P/s: To the buglar... what you give you'll get back. Sooner or later, he will be caught.
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