Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Are you OK in 2010?

In 2010, I aim to have a healthy life. Below are the list of my new year resolutions (1st time buat, seblm ni tak penah ade azam pon :p~~~):

Resolution No.1 : To exercise
Reason : I had 9kg increased on my weight which make me now 48kg. Wats really trouble me is my low blood pressure (dulu tak penah kene pon). BP level is 90/60. Makes me having lightheaded & dizziness sometimes
Remark : Start doing skipping @ home.
Achievement :
5 April 2010 - I've visited clinic for some personal reason. BP level is still low, the doc said. But to my surprise is my weight had increased few more kilos which make me 50kg now. WAAAAAAAAAAA..... this is scary. Takot... ct dah gemok (T_T)

Resolution No.2 : To settlekan my 7 days puasa nazar
Remark : Wajib buat :p~~~
Achievement :

Resolution No.3 : Finish my MENSA Sudoku book & to buy new one. I have completed two books
Remark : For my own collection... suka suki... hehe
Achievement :

Resolution No.4 : Jahitan manik, curtain fall & cute gift (My hobby & making money)
Remark : Cuba utk meluaskan empayar
Achievement :

Resolution No.5 : Finish my Master Degree
Remark : Now in my 3rd sem, 1 more sem to go... hehe
Achievement :

Note: Will update the achievement from time to time

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