Monday, 11 January 2010

My Pet Lion :)

Percaye tak ade org bela singa as pet. Percayelah... as me myself couldn't believe it mase mula2 tgk the clip.... Christian the Lion - A True Story. The beby lion was originally purchased by two Australians men from Harrods department store of London in 1969. The two men, Anthony Ace Bourke and John Rendall, found him there and immediately fell in love with him and determined to buy him.
They named him Christian. For years they raised him as their pet, but when Christian got too big to care for, John and Ace worked with a conservationist to reintroduce Christian back into the wild in Africa. After a year, John and Ace went back to Africa to find Christian, even though many people told them that the he would never recognize them and that it would be too difficult to find him. Well, they did! And the reunion is incredibly touching.

The lion at first cautiously approach and then quickly leap playfully onto the two men, standing on his hind legs and wrapping his front legs around their shoulders, nuzzling their faces. Tak percaye? Tgk sendiri klip nyer.... John & Ace mmg dah biase kan Christian manje2 cenggitu dr kecik. They just put both hand to him, mcm acah2 nak dukung bdk, and the lion will jump & give them a hug, sambil nuzzling it face... mcm kucen nak manje2... best nye.

How do i find it? Dkt you tube. A fren give me the link as she knows i really love cats (termasuk big cat...). Enjoy few pics i copied from other sources... dkt facebook pon ade pasal Christian ni... wat a lovely, adorable big cat :). Search la sendiri ek kalo nak tgk klip tu... Few pics utk tatapan bersame....

Singa bermanja2 :)
Round2 waktu petang...


During the reunion

p/s: saye mungkin tak berpeluang nak peluk the big cat, nak bela apatah lg kan... bela my nyamau2 jer la :)

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