Wednesday, 20 January 2010

D'manis boutique

I bought one baju from d'manis boutique today. The baju look so nice. So i just grab and pay while looking around for other nice baju (waiting for my capati utk bungkus siap from restoran al-bayan, kempunan coz pg td tak sempat nak bfas). Di sebab kan lps balik opis terus menyinggah kedai, so i didnt try the baju at the boutique. Mls nak salin2 baju... i took M size coz i knew i'm getting bigger (i'm too phat now :p~~~). Balik rumah, saje testing2. M size is just good for me. Tp the baju makes me look toooo phat. Mcm baju org preg la pulak... uwaaa. But the color is so nicerk. I just like green. It is a polka dot green dress.... hmm~~~.

p/s: Next time i can't shop while waiting for my food. Being hungry makes me shop for the un-necessary things. Tak dpt salahkan baju, salah kan makanan :p~~~~

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