Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kalimah Allah

I would just like to express what i have in my mind. Not emotionally, but it makes me think & think... why?

Media keep saying, issues on kebebasan beragama. Why didnt this issue "the above" being handled as sensitive issue that could mengancam keamanan Malaysia as a whole?

Our Prime Minister said, keadaan masih terkawal. The act 'baling cat' or attempt to burn churches is not being done by a certain community or a group. Ia bukan aktiviti terancang, he said.

I couldn't believe on what I heard from a PM. The next question comes in my mind, until when we gonna wait? Mungkin tunggu ade yg berbunuhan kot... mungkin2. Only then they will react.

If kebebasan beragama was the issue, why dulu group of Al Arqam kene tangkap? I sendiri jawab, kerana boleh me mesongkan akidah org Islam. Kes yg ini tak same ke? (i have my own judgement in my mind) haha... funny.... Kang salah ckp, blogger pulak yg kene tangkap masuk ISA. We, have to beware of our words. how about they? haha... What is the behind agenda *wink wink.

To those people who keep attacking and burning church.... please stop taking advantage from the situation. I don't care which group you belong or which corrupt politicians you worship or what childish agenda you have.... but don't think people are stupid.. just stop this! (credit to Cakpit, I agreed with you)

p/s: wise oldman said, pi siasat kes enjin pesawat hilang lg bagus la. Org yg jual tu dah kaye raye makan duit haram, kita dok sibuk kes church kene baling cat, kene bakar (tp tak terbakar satu church pon). Ni kalo dgn bos i dah kene marah ni, ape root cause nyer? Settle that first...

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