Saturday, 28 May 2011

At Toyota Service Centre wif Daddy

I've earlier made an appointment with Sitiawan Toyota Service Centre to come for major car service for my lovely vios. It took approximately one hour to reach there from Teluk Intan. Since I was late, they can only perform minor service on my car. Reallignment, balancing, tukar minyak itam & filter. Nemind, as long as the car could travel with me wherever i go. Daddy offerred to accompany me to the Service Centre. So, there were me wif daddy. Rupe2 nye ayah sbnrnye ade agenda. He did browse onto Camry 2.4,  siap test drive lagik. Daddy, i'm wif u. Saye sokong ayah sepenuh nye!!!!!

Daddy & me will always be partner in crime together2. He he he.

Me sitting here browsing the net. Facebooking and updating my blog. While daddy busy getting the brochures for his dream car. One thing forsure which i really like this Toyota Service Centre is the Wifi service. Internet laju beb~~~~

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