Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Year End of 2011

Eventhough i already have 'sandy' who lighten up my life, however the year end of 2011 was ended with not happy news. I was involved with an accident last monday. Myself end-up with facial bone fractured & face swolling. Got a week of MC, 2011 year ended ~ welcome 2012.

Picture on the left: Sandy watching TV. Citer 'Hachiko' at that moment. Kusyuk for few minutes dia berdiri dkt depan tv tu. Maybe pelik tgk binatang kaki empat same mcm dia ade dlm tv

This has been the 3rd day i didn't consume any food. Except pouring myself with hot milk when i feel really hungry. I can't chew any food. What really worries me, i feel numb on my upper jaw and part of the nose. Will go to specialist for further check. Nothing much to update. Especially during this period of hibernation & perasaan diri yg terabai~~~.

Picture on the right: Myself with swollen face. Muka herot. Sadness. 

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