Friday, 11 November 2011

Lately Me

It has been few days. I have lost my momentum. Specifically, my work-momentum. Why? I am not really sure. I am usually will come to the office with tone of energy, to-do list captured in my head, target & end-result. BUT these three days, I have zero-energy, no momentum at all. Why? Why? Why? It is all because of myself. My fault. Do something. Get back to the 100% momentum & energy. BerUSAHA!!!

I remember last time i did tell my mom of myself being so much under pressure. My mom responsed made me re-think of myself, muhasabah diri. Mom said, 'Maybe when you were sooo into the given task, you were so dedicated on finishing it. That is good, that is what you have to do. BUT you have lacken yourself on other thing. Prayers. How did you do? So focus then you late for prayers? You have to be greatefull on what Allah had given you. Good job, good life and good health. Be thankful for all of that.....' 

Thanks mom.

With this no-momentum feeling, i remembered of a 'beby' which I have rescued some time ago. The cute small kitten which had been abandoned.

So small, so cute. Here she is:
Beby nak susu
Sangat tiny but so cute

Beby yang takleh duduk diam

Beby isap susu..... mate beby yg bercahaye2
Beby jalan laju lps dpt minum susu...

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