Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Cat Breeds Encyclopedia

This weekend, it is my hubby's turn to come down to Perak. We have earlier planned to spend a weekend together and travel to Pangkor Island. Hubby's came with no empty handed. He bought me the Cat Breeds Encyclopedia. How thoughtful he is. Tak dpt kucen, dpt tgk gambar pon ok la, he he he. Thank you dearest, i Love you. So while browsing the book, I request him to buy me few types of cat. He replied 'amboi senang nye dia order'. He he he~~~

My husband wasn't really into cat. He said it is fine if i would like to raise cat at our house. But the cat should be able to be a civilized creature. I asked him I would like to have Memey accompanying me while he is away during the weekdays. At least Memey boleh teman kan saye tidur. My husband replied 'Teman kan u tidur? That is No No. No cat is allowed in bed'. Tapi Memey suka lepak dengan saye atas katil. Husband said 'Takpe la kalo camtu. Nnti abg belikan dia satu katil single bed kasi dia lepak & tido. Jgn bwk naik katil kita tido'. Hahaha~~~ sampai camtu sekali. OK, understood. No cat. I'm fine. Always can go back balik umah mak & ade byk kucen. Hehehe

Together with the encyclopedia, hubby also bought me two Sudoku books. Yeayyyy!!! Thank you sayang. U always know what best for me. Love u much!!!

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