Friday, 21 October 2011

My Super Sensitive Skin

I have a really super sensitive skin. My skin can get easily dehydrated and i can only use this product - Monreo. Suggested by this one saloon and the face care personnel. But, since lately i'm kinda having a very tight budget, so i was thinking of getting / trying other product. It cost me about $200 for one bottle of H2O booster (30ml). Which i think in long term, i couldn't afford keep staying on that product. So expensive.

Then I had been introduced by a colleague to buy skin care product via online (http://my.bestbuy-world.com/). Mmg murah dan menjimatkan. I bought a Maximum Hydration Moisturizer - Estee Lauder. In 3 days, I received the item being couriered to me. Nice~~~~.

Tp that moisturizer could not sustain as good as the earlier product i used. My skin gets dehydrated and jadi mengeras. So there go! Love skin, got to maintain with the Monreo set of product. Especially the H2O booster...........

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