Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Raining Cat & Dog - Part I

It was raining cats & dog since 5.30pm. From the office, I could see the heavy rain together with strong wind. I decided to wait for the rain stop. At 7.30pm, I started my journey travelling to Putrajaya. Got to stay @Marriot, Putrajaya. I did once stayed there for the same event with KPT. But last time i brought my parent accompanying me. They are so worried that I'm gonna fall asleep while driving late at night.

This time, my husband gonna come to my place. He will be finishing his job at 10.00pm. I'm so hungry and got to wait for him. It was so true, this place was not easy to find. Dunno how to mention, tp tempat ni gelap (it was night either when i reached there.... haha alasan sesat walaupon menggunakan PapaGo).

Nothing great to mentioned here. I am currently reading & following others Cat Lovers blogos. I am so happy reading their BloGos. There are so many people out there loving these lovely, cute, cuddly creatures. It so happenned I found a blog of people who make a shelter for abandunt cat and even dog. They didn't request people to give them money. They just share their story. They are so generous.

Just to share some with readers, when comes about cat, cute kitty, mebby etc.... my daddy sangat rajin melayan karenah2 saye treating the cats. Even sometime, when my daddy dah malas nak melayan, he will say "nnti kat blkg umah kita ni, kita buatkan cat shelter. letak sign, sape2 nak buang kucen, sila letakkan di sini. Pastu tambah sket, sila letak kan juga bersame makanan kucen & juga duit perbelanjaan utk sara kucing2 ni". With this i usually will show a 'blueeek' sign to daddy. He he he~~. Love you dad....

But I when read more BloGos, I found there are people who has did that before me. I happily told  ayah & he was interested to know more. Who is that people? A man or women? How did he come out with the fund? Is he wealthy? Hehehe.... thank you dad sbb sudi melayan karenah anak ayah ni. The people that i was just about to know , i just put some guessing on what they did actually. But from the entry they made, they took strays cats, brought them to the vet, treat them. Doesn't matter who they are, which religion or ethnic, you are GOOD people. May Allah bless.....
We found this Ibu together wif her Mebi, di buang dkt dgn bendang ayah. Sampai hati~~~
Ayah kate kalo bela kucen Ibu beranak murah rezeki. Alhamdulillah kami tak pernah hidup susah.
Kucen2 pon takde la menyusahkan hidup pon kan.....

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