Friday, 12 March 2010

From Paris with Love

I watched this movie last nite. 'From Paris with Love'. With the 1st thought that i'm going to sleep watching this romance movie. But anggapan itu salah. Not because this was hell kewl touching romance film, tp its actually an action movie. John Travolta. I love this guy. 18 SG... hmm i should expect loud screaming, fight scene, gun shootouts etc.

BUT i don't like it. I regret of watching it. Paying $10 for this sucks movie. Another film who manipulated the meaning of terrorism and Islam. Its seem that they see and would like the world to see the 'white' is the Protector and Muslim would do wrong and kill other people. This film shows a drug dealer who fund a terrorist group. Moral of the Story, i should read the film review before watching it.

Nota kaki: Alice in Wonderland....

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