Saturday, 6 August 2011

Am Addicted to Coffee

I’m addicted. Cold hard addicted ~~ naaah not really. Those of you who don’t believe coffee is addictive have never experienced what is known as a caffeine headache. Coffee, or more descriptively the caffeine in coffee, is a stimulant. This means that it makes you feel very motivated and focused. I always have my cup of coffee next to my keyboard most of the days. Day & night. Except bulan puasa off course... he he

So if coffee doesn’t really taste that good to non-coffee drinkers, how exactly does one become addicted? I’ll tell you. Iced caramel latte. All of the good coffee aroma with none of the bitter taste, thick cream layer. Hmmm nice~~. Your friends tell you they’re going over to Starbucks to hang out…. you know, throw back a few lattes, have a mocha or two…. get totally buzzed. Try it :)!!!

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