Sunday, 18 September 2011

Gu in the Car

This is my elder brother's cat, named 'Gu'. He got so many name. Angah called him 'Tik', ayah called it 'Matak' and i called him wif various name which relates to perangai kucing ni. I called him 'Hantu' coz this cat ade satu habit bila dia naik angin dia akan menggigit org tak tentu pasal. But my mom marah i called him 'Hantu'. So I change calling him dengan name yg lebih manje which is 'Tu'. But then its continued wif another nick name for him 'Tupit' then 'Pitto'. All is referred to him, the same cat. But his short name is 'Gu' which i feel sangat sesuai coz tuan dia 'my angah' ade nick name 'Gi'. He he he~~~. Name-name yg pelik kan. Don't bother lah. Gu is so cute, cuddly, hyper dan adalah sangat manje sumtimes (kalo nak mintak makan dia berlakon2 manja lah....gedix).

I sometimes used took him to my work place. From Teluk Intan ~ Tronoh. Since I don't have housemate, so i need someone  accompanying me at home. There's Gu, even though he did not volunteer, i tetap kidnapped dia.... hehehe. At first I put him in the cage and put it next to me. Tp Gu menangis non-stop sambil kuar kan tgn dia to reach me (Gu tgn pendek dpt pegang gear box jer).

Kesian tgk Gu non-stop meowing, i stop-by kejap and took him out from the cage. Then he walk freely in the car and I continue driving. He seems comfortable in the car and take a look out the window. Finally he reached me and sat on my lap. Purring. Maybe he felt safe sitting on my lap. Cuma bila keter stop dkt trafic light, he will take his chance looking out the window to the next car outside.

There only i knew that Gu tak suka di kurung. If we brought him in car, better let him free. Gu takkan kacau kita yg tgh driving. He just knew how to behave. Tempat fevret dia is at the seat beside the driver. Penah sekalik, i stop dkt Trafic Light, Gu bangun and terus jenguk keluar dkt tingkap. Next to my car was kereta polis and they just looked at me wif smile and pointing to Gu. Gu seems happy sbb dia jadik perhatian and he looked at me dgn mata yg bercahaye. Kau mmg ek Gu, selamat aku tak kene saman.

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